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Leif Grandell, has been in photography since childhood. Starting as a teenager working as a sales clerk in a camera store, soon advanced to become a salesrep for Nikon Cameras, Sweden, and later moved up to a president position for Nikon Instruments and microscopes where he resolved technical challenges at a high level, working within the medical sector and together with Nikon factory engineers in modifying cameras and equipment tailored for industrial markets. In this process he became a true expert at technical solutions and photographic techniques. Working closely with museums of art in restoration of historic master pieces and various methods of revealing art fraud, his skill at photo-science has become recognized within the industry. Using innovative ways to solve photographic demands has made his work quite remarkable. During this time Leif also worked as a freelance photographer out of his own studio, in a variety of assignments travelling throughout Europe. With a fresh approach to any project, a special feeling will be created with each image, or design. Every photo taken can be formatted for any type of use, whether it is meant for a mural, a corporate portrait for an executive office, a full page advertisement, for a powerpoint type presentation, an interactive CD-ROM, DVD or website. Leif is ready to meet any situation as long as it involves a camera. Naturally, it did not take him long to figure out how to utilize a computer (Mac) at its optimum. Now getting back into microscope photography, another dimension is added to his world.

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